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+31 6 17 59 38 83 – Témy

+31 6 29 00 35 36 – Chris
Boven Zevenwouden 109
3524 CK Utrecht
The Netherlands

Howdy! We welcome you to our slice of the internet. If you are interested in spreading your kick ass music across Europe and in need of some friendly help while touring: you have come to the right place!
DOOFPOT Tour Support is a company born from the love for music and close friendship. Therefore our tours reflect these same principles.

DOOFPOT Tour Support was founded by two childhood friends who are connected by food, board games, cover-ups, indoor football, outdoor dancing, unattainable infatuations, old pubs, a self-deprecating sense of humor with no decent punch lines, the sun, but most of all the persistent desire for rock 'n roll.
Brought up with punk/DYI ethics, we uphold the values of sincerity, loyalty, independence and hard work. With over fifteen years of experience in making music, setting up shows and touring across Europe (and even North America), we are confident that we know what passionate musicians need to properly showcase their music.

What we do
Basically we supply you all the stuff you need when you are on tour. This includes means of transportation, a reliable basic backline (up on site soon), driver/roadie/merch guy, someone to help out with the basics during sound checks and shows, a road manager who will make sure that you wake up in time and has a good knowledge of all the different aspects of the ever so exotic European habits.
We are specialized in the smaller scenes (punk rock/indie/singersongwriter). We also have a solid social network of music loving friends across Europe so we can help out with setting up extra shows and promoting them.

What you do

You want to dominate the world by playing your ass off.
Spread the love and drop us a line for more info!